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General Rules On Hewan Empty General Rules On Hewan

Post by Oakhearted on Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:06 pm

General Rules On Hewan Wh4GYmO
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--> When signing up to Hewan, Please know that you have to be PG13 here, Since I also have this linked to my Chicken Smoothie, so that also means it must be family friendly, Anything not family friendly will get a warning, strike or get reported.
--> Please do not use swear words, No swear words at all unless you try to censor them!
--> Please do not harass or bully others please, that behaviour won't be tolerated on here
--> You are allowed to talk about offsite trading stuff, but don't talk about games that have banned off-site trades.
--> Please do not ask people to pay you 'real money' for Hewans, Instead they can pay in these currencies listed below!
Chicken Smoothie, Wajas, Flightrising, Mweor, Eldemore, Lioden, Wolfplay, 
Basically anything that will allow it.
--> Please do not mini-mod on forum posts unless I've said that you could.
--> Advertisement's are allowed, However, they must not be MA15+ or 'scam' like ones, or be anything to do with paying in 'real money'
--> Yes, you may roleplay, but it must be family friendly, and have no romance unless it's censored or whatever.
--> No gossiping about other users, If you do not like a user, Please just block/foe them. thank you.
--> Random chatrooms/chats are allowed! So don't you worry
--> If you have anymore concerns, please do pm me. thank you!
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General Rules On Hewan Empty Re: General Rules On Hewan

Post by AritheSpiritWolf on Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:00 pm

With the artwork I think maybe stating that no extreme gore or nsfw would be a good idea! Just a suggestion (:

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