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Post by Oakhearted on Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:47 pm

You can also go to our original website to see more FAQ Q&A too!

Why is Hewan so girly and pink feminine looking?
The reason why Hewan is in a pink and blue color, is because I don't like copying of other pet websites with their layout theme and style, so yeah. That's the reason why.
Why do you keep constantly changing the forum theme all the time for?
Because, I never am really happy with one theme, and yeah, I'm trying to see which one looks better on here!
Why are some of the links on your main website broken?
Because, Hewan is in beta/testing mode so some links might not work out properly yet, sorry!
When's it going to be 100% finished?
I am not so sure yet.
What does 'Hewan' mean?
Hewan is Indonesian for 'animal'
What is a Hewanian?
A person that plays Hewan quite often, and mostly is active.

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