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Post by HedaFox on Sun Jun 24, 2018 2:22 am

Hiya! Are you depressed or in that one mood? If so, here is some stuff that help you! (This never helped me but that's just me, it may help you!)

Depressed/Sad/Upset?: Try listening to music by either Demi Lovato, G-Eazy or Blackbear or you can listen to Chill Nation! If that doesn't help, try looking for an Animal Game to play. Still doesn't help? Talk to someone that may help you such as a friend or a therapist.

Relationship Problems?: Are you having Relationship Problems that are making you in that one mood or something? Or did you just get out of relationship and you're in that mood? Just think to yourself. "Is/Was he/she really worth it?", to me if there's relationship problems leave them or take a small break. If you got out of a relationship move on honey, they didn't love you! But there are people out in this world who do and will make you happy. If you are having Relationship Problems talk to a great friend about it or love on your pets (if you have pets).

Need a friend?: Pm me! I'm here for you! <3

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