Russia Facts (The animal side of it)

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Russia Facts (The animal side of it) Empty Russia Facts (The animal side of it)

Post by Oakhearted on Mon Jun 25, 2018 2:13 pm

1. In the 1950's, A Russian scientist domesticated over 50 foxes at the time, and the reason why because it was for some breeding experiment, There's even a film clip for it too, Well lot's of them, Today, the foxes are at a fox farm in Siberia, Russia, in cages, waiting for their new loving homes to be brought to them and getting imported to all across the USA and even Russia too! I think the experiment is still going too.

2. Russia has alot of arctic animals such as bears, and they have alot of dog and cat breeds, well let's just say a TON of animals. lol

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