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About Hewan & What is Hewan? Empty About Hewan & What is Hewan?

Post by Oakhearted on Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:52 pm


I welcome you to Hewan! We try not to copy other virtual pet sites, This is why Hewan is in a pink themed layout! I did most of the coding behind it, Well not most, But I customized all the icons, logos and background colour stuff, We are looking forward for some new members to Hewan, oh and some artists to draw the Hewans, Since I am terrible at drawing animals, Animals we have on Hewan can range from cats, dogs, mice, to exotic animals like tigers, elephants, lions, etc, And we will also have adoptable mythical creatures too, Like dragons, unicorns, anthros, fairies, pixies and yeah all that stuff, And if you want to become a staff member, now's the best time to ask! We will be updating Hewan as much as we can! I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 to do the logos, icons, etc. Feel free to message me any questions, I'm only a teenager, I'm not an adult or anything, I'm just a teen, Who's autistic and loves to code, draw, etc. Also feel free to ask for some more suggestions to Hewan and I will try to make them come true.

Anyways, If you do got any fabulous ideas I should add,

Please do say so,

Contact me by discord as Chiwawah#7190

If you do not have discord, contact me on here then!


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