Alicorn Private Gemstone Examples

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Alicorn Private Gemstone Examples

Post by Btd on Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:14 pm

Ok these are examples of gemstone colors I had made/make, there are no normal horse colors done, yet.

Some of these are ugly!, I am also taking other names ideas for a few of these.

Alexandrite Base:

Amethyst Base:

Aquamarine Base:

Beryl Base:

Biolite Mich Base:

Blue Knight Base:

Catseye Base:

Clear Opal Base:

Crystal Quartz Base:

Diamond Base:

Emerald Base:

Garnet Base:

Gold Base:

Gravestone Base:

Ironman Base:

Lace Agate Base:

Lapis Lazuli Base:

Magma Base:

Milky Jade Base:

Onyx Base:

Opal Base:

Orial Base:

Parrot Base:

Peridote Base:

Pumpkin Base:

Red Knight Base:

Rose Boreale Base:

Rose Quartz Base:

Royal Base:

Rubellite Base:

Ruby Base:

Santa Base:

Sapphire Base:

Scooby Doo Base:

Silver Base:

Slate Base:

Stone Base:

Sunflower Base:

Sunstone Base:

Tigerite Base:

Tigers Eye Base:

Topaz Base:

Tourmaline Base:

Tourmaline Pink Base:

Wood Base:

Xmas Wreath Base:

Zircone Base:

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