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Post by Btd on Mon Jun 25, 2018 5:18 am

These are for you to use when you post your adoptable or wanting a adoptable, these can be edited so long as some info is available. Each owner will have their own forms but below is a good example.

Form: This is a form you fill out and post along with the adopts you want put up.

Species Name: The name of the species, if you can't think of one you can still post it and we can come up with one for you.
Species Rarity: What is the rarity of the creature
Color: This is the color of the creature (Ex: Blue)
Color Rarity: What is the rarity of the color

Seasonal Species: Is this creature only found during certain seasons?
Seasonal Rarity: What is the rarity of the creature

Species Info: If any
Common Colors:
Uncommon Colors:
Rare Colors:
Ultra Rare Colors:
Mythical Colors:

Seasonal Colors:

What are your rules for your species?
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